Logan Industries is a world leader in providing hydraulic machinery to the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.  OurLogan Industries' Hempstead manufacturing facilityr headquarters is located in Hempstead, TX, just northwest of Houston.  Logan Industries provides hydraulic system, services and rental equipment.

Logan designs, engineers and manufactures new equipment, commissions, services and refurbishes equipment (incl. third party equipment), and provides engineering support for complicated projects. Our focus is on the industrial manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Offshore, and other industries requiring large hydraulic equipment.


Logan Industries International Mission Statement

At Logan Industries, our mission is to allow our people to create innovative solutions for mission critical marine, industrial, and Oil & Gas operations. Using our anticipated and complete understanding of the clients’ needs, combined with best manufacturing practices for new, refurbished, or re-engineered equipment; we are able to provide excellent service and support with talented engineered solutions professionals.

Logan Industries International Headquarters in Hempstead

Logan Industries International Headquarters in Hempstead