Coiled Tubing Accumulator Reeler

30,000ft capacity
1000lbs back tension
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas
Heavy Industries

Logan Industries manufactures large equipment for the Coiled Tubing manufacturing industry.  We have delivered several of these Coiled Tubing Accumulator systems.

These Accumulator Reelers spool up thousands of feet of flat bar, allowing coiled tubing production lines to run continuously and create 20,000 and 30,000ft continuous lengths of tubing. They consist of a big (25ft) reel, a hydraulic motor and on-board HPU, air bearings used to allow the machine to move.  Spoolers can be outfitted with drive systems for remote control operation.

Logan can customize the Accumulator Reeler to fit the end user’s facility and meet their specifications.  Typical options may include:

  • Spool size
  • Spool weight
  • Line tension
  • Available power (50/60hz)
  • Manual/powered movement
  • Max/Min flat bar width