Coiled Tubing Spooler

72,000ft-lbs torque
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas
Heavy Industries

Logan Industries manufactures large equipment for the Coiled Tubing manufacturing industry.  We have delivered many of these Coiled Tubing Spooler systems; Our earliest systems are over 10 years old and are still running.

Our systems consist of a pair of spooler bases, that drive toward each other and stab into a spool.  The drives then lift the spool off the ground and allow it to spin.  Typically these spools are 20ft in diameter and weigh up to 140,000lbs or more.

Logan will customize the spooler to fit the end user’s facility and meet their specifications.  Typical options include:

  • Spool size
  • Spool weight
  • Line tension
  • Available power (50/60hz)
  • Articulating/sliding bases
  • Traverse/level winding systems
  • Mill spoolers (spool on)
  • Service spoolers (spool on/off)
  • Underwound / Overwound