Direct Acting Tensioner

50ft stroke
Available certifications:
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas
Offshore / Maritime

Direct Acting Tensioner Cylinders are large 50+ ft long cylinders that connect directly to the riser load ring.   While these cylinders can be simpler to use compared to wireline tensioners, they are more exposed to the elements and special care must be taken to ensure a long service life.

Logan Industries is the world leader in Riser Tensioner repair, refurbishment, and upgrade.  We have a long history of analyzing past failures/shortcomings or existing cylinders, and including upgrade options when we refurbish a cylinder.

Some typical upgrades:

  • Swivel knuckles, to prevent piston from detaching from rod
  • Piston locks
  • Position sensors
  • Upgraded rod coatings
  • Redesigned head caps
  • Improved flow
  • Optimizing well-specific performance