Heavy PLET Handling Device (HPHD)

100 MT
3000 psi
Available certifications:
DNV 2.22
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas

A PLET Handler or PLET Launch is a large Mechanical structure that allows the PLET (Pipe Line End Termination) to be positioned into the pipe-welding firing line for welding to the subsea pipeline. The PLET is hung into the PLET Handler and pinned via hydraulic cylinders. It can then be walked up the vessel via a walking beam cylinder arrangement. Once it is in position with the pipeline the PLET can be moved precisely horizontally, vertically and laterally and aligned to the pipeline where it can be precisely welded and then lowered to the seafloor. A PLET is a large subsea package used at the beginning and end of a subsea pipeline that has valve connections and hose disconnects on it. It is used to connect many wells heads to a pipeline in the area.


At Logan Industries we have engineered and commissioned one of the largest PLET handlers in the industry. Designed and manufactured to your specifications.