Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CCTLF)

750 ton static
500 ton compensating
Available certifications:
DNV E101
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas
Offshore / Maritime

Logan Industries’ Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CCTLF) incorporate the static frame (CTLF) and hang it on a large gas spring. There is simple physics involved with producing one of these machines, but getting the engineering and manufacture right on these is extremely difficult. Many companies have tried, but most of them have fallen short. Logan has emerged as the pre-eminent manufacturer of these systems for several reasons. We listen to our clients. We listen to our operators. We use common sense, and we design for maintainability.

We have technicians that have chosen to work with us giving Logan has the most over well experience of any company in the oil & gas industry. We have been chosen by several of our clients to operate not only the systems we have manufactured, but also systems they own produces by others. We have even been nominated by a leading drilling contractor to run our system over one owned by them simply because of the level of support and expertise we can offer. Our clients have great trust in us.

Easy maintenance and installation
The basic CCTLF can be configured to work in the majority of derricks, but the installation fixtures will be designed for each specific vessel. We engineer lift plans and work thru storyboards for the rig crew, so they understand what is happening at each point of the installation of a CCTLF. This makes the process smoother and quicker. Another major design consideration was the maintenance. The CCTLF may go extended periods of time without being utilised. The Logan system incorporates numerous unique maintenance features that ensure deploy readiness, based on experience gained over the past 12 years of enhancing large bore compensating cylinders used in marine applications.

Certification and after sales service
Every CCTLF manufactured by Logan has been certified under DNV E101 and D.R.O.P.S. and has been designed in accordance with API 8C and ANSI B31.3. Our CCTLF meets all safety requirements to ensure safe, reliable and continuous operations offshore. Additionally we offer after sales and maintenance services, when required we also offer long term service contracts to preserve and/or store your CCTLF.


Logan Industries delivered our first CCTLF in 2013.

Logan Industries has Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames available for rent. Drill operators more and more decide not to own these systems, and are therefore looking for an reliable partner. Logan Industries is the most experienced partner you can find in the industry working with CCTLFs. Our unrivaled knowledge of hydraulics and extensive experience in both designing and operating these systems guarantee you high quality equipment, operational reliability, and safe and trouble-free operations.

Optionally our team of field service engineers can operated the equipment. We have provided this service successfully for many of our clients.

We also provide maintenance and storage services for CCTLFs at our 30.000sqft location in New Iberia. The operational reliability of the indoors stored equipment improves and the location offers a variety of facilities like a wash bay, sump and waste water recycling treatment, and indoor overhead cranes with a 80T lifting capacity.

Our Compensated Coil Tubing Lift Frame (CCTLF) system is engineered to add redundancy to active heave compensation systems by providing passive heave compensation for subsea equipment deployed from a drillship. It is typically used with coiled tubing equipment, but may be used with wire line and other equipment as well. The CCTLF uses pressurised air to generate the pulling force needed to keep the lower frame and landing string under tension. Power and control components are included in the CCTLF.