ROV Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

10 mt
Available certifications:
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas

We offer several Launch and Recovery Systems to the offshore marine industry. These systems range from ROV to Surface & Saturation Dive Bell Launch and Recovery Systems. Our systems are designed to work in the harshest operating environments. We provide the complete system designed modularly so that they offer greater flexibility when installing on your vessel. We offer a full range of equipment that includes an A Frame (Over-Center) or Telescoping Boom, Umbilical or Wire-rope Winch system, Hydraulic Power System, cursor rails and drives and controls.

The system provides a smooth transition from the vessel to the sea and beyond with our state of the art Umbilical Winches and Level-winds. The winches are designed with redundant braking and drive systems to ensure your pay-load is protected and able to be retrieved in the event of a malfunction in the primary operating systems. Our Over-Center LARS provides a stable platform that positions the pay-load near the waterline to ensure a safe and non-eventful launch and recovery of your robotic equipment. This is very beneficial when operating in heavy seas where the ROV has the possibility of slamming into the side of the vessel with wire-rope deployment systems. Depending on the vessel’s configuration this may eliminate the need for a Cursor Rail.