Coiled tubing reeler

43000 lbs BD
10,800 ft
Available certifications:
Applicable markets:
Oil & Gas

Logan Industries can provide industrial and offshore Coiled Tubing (CT) reelers with drums up to 30ft diameter. Our CT reelers offer a unique approach to coiled tubing applications used for well stimulation or other well intervention applications. We deploy the CT over a sheave that is integrated into the reeler frame, eliminating the injector head as the primary load holding device while the CT is deployed. An innovative approach, that has sparked new research in the field of CT fatigue analysis.

Logan has placed the drive mechanism in the actual reel where it acts as a winch to deploy or spool the tubing. This direct deployment uses clamped on clump weight at the end of the tubing to provide weight to the end of the tubing and thus keep it controlled when deploying and tension when retrieving tubing. The levelwinding of the overboarding sheave is timed to the drum, but also has an infinitely variable advance / retard control to provide fine control over the position of it as it moves across the drum during winding.

Our CT reelers are designed as a set and will typically be run in tandem, enabling to run a larger volume of chemicals down, or to provide a ‘down line’ and ‘return line’. The tandem configuration provides a narrow footprint that allows the system to be used in moon pool applications where space is limited. The small footprint is the primary advantage of these reelers. Less deck space for the equipment leaves more space for fluid totes and other equipment. The reelers are also suitable for over-the-side applications or can be used independent of each other when a single reel application is required.